3 Location This is when your “ride” Bus City Tour in Scotland

EDINBURGH is one of the largest city in Scotland. Cities with this Victorian model building can definitely bring the strains of the visitor’s mind to the past. Population that tends organized and friendly, make the visitors comfortable to come and discover Edinburgh.

you can travel can ride the city bus tour to enjoy the view of the city of Edinburgh. There is what the hell over there? When you make a trip by bus city tour, there are three interesting spots should find, reported by City Sightseeing. (Photo: Peter Stubbs / EdinPhoto) Johnston Terrace Stop at the bus stop 5 ‘, there are historical and architectural monuments in the region. You can also visit Edinburgh Castle offering city views Neat.

Holyrood On the dismissal of all 10, you will see the official residence of the British monarch. Point the camera at your old building, Holyrood Abbey and Palace, perched in the grass. The quiet atmosphere make nan lure you linger there. Market Street At 14th dismissal, this is where the real atmosphere of Scotland. At Market Street, you can buy some fresh food and also typical Scottish souvenirs.

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Girls, Do Until Search Love Fails Just for Small Errors!

HAS longer live alone certainly make you bored. You also want to immediately put an end to this single status with a lover. The spirit is okay, the appearance was already getting okay because they want to attract the opposite sex. However, due to overzealous, sometimes you do actually make it fail. Reporting from tanktopwanita.com,

Monday (04/10/2017), here’s what you need to show him if you want to be a lover’s dream: Show you are different from other women he’d like to be different from other women who are spoiled and always want to be understood. He wants you to make him feel excited even challenged. He also would like you are the right person to show off to his friends.

Romantic date If he invites you on a date for the first time, make him seem to you. Make the first date to show your romantic side. Not a problem to look intimate by holding hands. No exaggeration Although advised to intimate, does not mean you should be redundant to make it so intimate with you. Avoid talking about things that are too vulgar to him. Moreover, talk about porn. Because this could make her feel ilfil on you.

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Unloading Defense failed bolt Malaga, Barcelona tumbles At La Rosaleda

FC Barcelona visited La Rosaleda, which is the headquarters of Malaga mediocre team in the Jornada 31 Liga matches from 2016 to 2017, Sunday (04/09/2017) early morning hrs. Despite allegations, the Blaugrana fell by a score of 0-2! reported by livescore123 skor prediksi bola indonesia

With this result, Barcelona had failed to match the points of Real Madrid at the top. Azulgrana still stuck in second position, which stood at 69 points, the results of 31 matches. While Madrid are to play a little more, collecting 72 points.

Meanwhile, Malaga Malaga climbed to 14th position now collecting 33 points from 31 matches.

First round

As usual, Barca dominated the game despite playing at home opponent. In five minutes early, Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr already pose a threat to the goalkeeper Carlos Kameni. Luckily, Malaga’s veteran goalkeeper was able to anticipate the dangers that threaten the net.

Although often get strikes from the Barca players, Malaga itself playing super disciplined at the back. Each attack built-Luis Suarez trio Messi-Neymar disappear before the home team’s defense latch.

Too busy attacking, escorted Barca goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen conceded it first. Is former Barca striker, Sandro Ramirez who condemn his former club on 32 minutes.

Starting from mistakes Luis Suarez who let the ball captured opponents, Malaga immediately launched a dangerous counterattack. Juan Carlos directly provide long pass forward received by Sandro after the offside trap.

Running alone, 21-year-old attacker La Masia academy dropout was able to outwit Ter Stegen who looks dead step.

Having struck with the goals from former players, Barca began to launch attack after attack to the heart of the opponent’s defense. However, the efforts of Lionel Messi and his friends are still not borne fruit.

Jesus Gil menuipkan until the referee whistle signaled the end of the first half, Malaga still 1-0 over the guest at La Rosaleda.

Second round

Entering the second half, Barca tactician Luis Enrique made two substitutions. Denis Suarez and Jeremy Mathieu pulled out, replaced by Andres Iniesta and Sergi Roberto.

Behind two goals to make Barca increasingly look to attack, even bombarding Malaga defense. However, the host layered defense is strong and tough. Plus also in some occasions, Barca often waste the opportunity.

Not quite behind one goal, the Blaugrana regained havoc. One of their star, Neymar should be thrown out by the referee in the 66th minute after a dangerous stunt to Diego Llorente. Yes, Neymar received a second yellow card and had to leave the field before the game ended.

Playing with 10 men, Barca keep control of the game and of course try to do everything possible in order at least to steal a point from La Rosaleda.

Long-distance shots became an option made Luis Suarez and colleagues after passing into the opponent’s defense often foundered.

However, instead of scoring goals, Barca missed it back in the final minutes of the game. Is a substitute, Jony who scored for Malaga.

Utilizing feedback Fornals Pablo, 25-year-old winger managed to make Ter Stegen picked up the ball for a second time from the goal. 2-0 score lasted until the end of the game. Barca had to go home empty-handed.


Malaga XI: Kameni; Rosales, Llorente, Luis, Ricca; Camacho, Recio, Fornals, Juankar / Jony, Juanpi / Penaranda; Sandro / Charles.

Barcelona XI: Ter Stegen; Mascherano, Umtiti, Mathieu / Sergi Roberto, Alba; André Gomes / Paco Alcacer, Busquets, Denis / Iniesta; Messi, Luis Suárez, Neymar.

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Biggest asteroid in 13 years will be arriving Earth in April 2017

A large asteroid headed toward Earth on 19 April 2017. However, you need not worry because the asteroid named 2017 JO25 will not threaten the survival of the people of the world. American Space Agency (NASA) said that the asteroid will only pass our planet. “Although there is no possibility of this asteroid will hit the Earth, this asteroid large size and are very close to us,” NASA said in a statement.

Indeed, these asteroids have a large enough size that is 650 meters. The distance when passing through the Earth later on approximately 1.8 million km, or 4.6 times the distance of Earth to the Moon because both distance 384.4 km. For your information, in 2014 JO25 not the only asteroid that passed Earth in April 2017. However, he was the biggest in 13 years with a distance close enough to Earth that. The last and quite big was in 2004. The asteroid Toutatis will approach Earth from the direction of the sun and will be visible in the night sky on 19 April. The owner telescope can observe directly, while you do not have a telescope can observe from Slooh.

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